frequently asked questions, some answers to some common queries we get, if your question is not here, please get in touch

where are your ingredients from?

we ONLY use quality premium ingredients from the industry leading manufacturers in Europe and the UK. We use ECOCERT DHA and where possible we natural ingredients which are ethically sourced.

can i get samples to try before i order?

yes, we offer a sample kit you can purchase first, these are usually set at £99 for a selection of our product.

can i make my own formulation?

you can, but the process to do this is very timely and can be quite expensive, this option is really for large corporations whom have time and funds to invest into a new formulation.

what products do you offer?

we supply lots of products but our main core lines are self tan mousse, spray tan solution, tan remover, tanning water, gradual tan creams and moisturisers, serums and tan accessories.

what locations do you cover?

we cover all over the globe, we work with many logistics companies and freight specialists, shipping anything from boxes to pallets and even shipping containers anywhere in the world.

do you design the labels?

yes, part of our service is a full label design service, we can offer different packages for label stock including white PP, silver metallic or clear labels and we apply labels using our automatic label application machine during the filling process.

do you supply packaging or boxes?

yes we offer a design and supply service for retail boxes for your products

are your products eco friendly?

yes, we are striving to reduce our energy and always looking at how we can increase sustainability, we are already using carbon free bottles, were reducing plastic usage and waste and using paper/cardboard or recycled packaging wherever we can.

are your products animal cruelty free?

Of course! We have certificates in place from all our component suppliers confirming any of the practises in developing our products is animal cruelty free.

will my products conform to the relevant cosmetics regulations?

Yes, we are the ‘Responsible Supplier’, which means we are insured as the manufacturer for our products, we take care of the European cosmetic regulatory procedure and upload your brands products onto the EU cosmetics portal if you’re selling in Europe or we upload to the UK cosmetic portal if you’re selling in the UK. There is a minimal charge for this service.

do my labels have to have any important information or warnings on?

Yes, we take care of the relevant warnings, cautions, icons and all the required information you need on your products.

do my products need barcodes on and do you supply barcodes?

Your products do not need barcodes on however we would recommend you do put barcodes/EAN numbers on, especially if your products are going into a retail environment, we don’t supply barcodes as they are specific to your brand, you should register with for barcodes.

sounds great, how do i order…

simply head over to our enquiry form and fill it out and submit, then one of our trained white label experts will be in touch to progress your order.